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October 8, 2013

Indians criticise Rahul Gandhi's recipe for success

Politician's #EscapeVelocity metaphor calls for Dalit minority to propel themselves higher in society.

 General secretary of the Indian National Congress party which leads India's ruling United Progressive Alliance, Rahul Gandhi addresses a press conference in New Delhi, India on 27 September 2013. EPA/STR

Indians on Twitter are mocking Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for using an astronomical metaphor in an effort to uplift the Dalit community - a group considered the lowest rank in Indian society. Gandhi urged Dalits to forcefully lift themselves to a higher position in society, saying they needed to reach the 'escape velocity of Jupiter' to achieve success. 
Gandhi also called for greater representation for the community in the Congress Party, vowing that his party would do everything to empower Dalits.
Netizens took to Twitter using the hashtag #EscapeVelocity to poke fun at Rahul Gandhi's statement on the Dalit community: