July 12, 2018

Will Europe and South America always dominate the World Cup?

We review this year's tournament with football fans from around the world.

World Cup 2018 has so far been a month-long source of excitement and emotional whirlwinds for football fans everywhere. This year saw the early exit of African teams and the continued dominance of Europe. It also had its politically charged moments, including shout-outs to Ukraine, Albanian hand gestures, and celebrating immigration policies that helped build racially diverse European teams.


In this episode, we'll look ahead to the World Cup final and discuss some of the socio-political aspects of this year's tournament. What would it mean for you if your team won the World Cup? Will we ever see a World Cup final not dominated by Europe or South America? What would make the World Cup experience even better? We want to hear from you.


Leave your thoughts below or record a video comment. We'll address these questions and more in our conversation with football fans from around the world at 1930GMT.


Today on The Stream, we speak with:

Wilfred Ndidi, @Ndidi25

Nigeria and Leicester City


Priyansh, @GarrulousBoy

Sport journalist


Brenda Elsey, @Politicultura

Co-host, “Burn it All Down” podcast


Lee Wellings, @LeeW_Sport

Sport Correspondent, Al Jazeera 


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